These rules are for the safety of all students. We ask that you respect both the instructor and other students by following the business policies and managing your schedule. These rules are cross-posted on all communications, including class confirmations.


  • Class Packages, Trials, and Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Note the expiration date of any trial offers so you can fully utilize your credit.


Pre-Registration is Required to attend all classes.
Late Policy

BE ON TIME. At the start of class, any students not present will lose their spot. The class counts as a missed/not attended class.

At the start of class, the class spot opens up to anyone waiting. This policy is for the safety of you and the other students in the class. Do not walk into a class in progress, you will kindly be asked to leave.

If you can’t make it to your scheduled class, cancel before the class roster lock time to receive credit back to your account.

Class Roster Lock Times

Before class start times. Registrations are accepted & early cancellations are processed.

  • All Pole, Flex, Dance Classes | 4 Hours
  • Aerial Hoop Classes | 24 Hours
  • Workshops & Special Events | 48 Hours

Members and Trial-holders, failure to cancel your class spot results in a $10 charge to your account after one grace missed class.

Class Capacities
  • To hold a class, a minimum of 4 students registered at least 4 hours before class start time is required.
  • Class maximums vary depending on the type and level of class. Beginner classes are always close to maximum capacity.
Waitlist Policy

Sign up for one of the waitlist spots, ensuring you have the next available spot when another student cancels out of class. When that happens, you receive an automatic email letting you know you have been given a spot in the class. At this point, you are held to the same cancellation policies as the other students in the class. If you think you won’t be able to make it to class, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

  • Prepare to attend class as people’s schedule change frequently.
  • The latest you will know that you have a spot is 4 hours before class start time.
  • Make sure your profile->class notifications settings are set to receive class confirmation notifications.


  • A 24-hour notice is required to get credit back to account.
  • Registration is open to one to three people.


  • A 72-hour notice is required to get credit back to account.
  • Parties are open to groups of 3 up to 45+ participants. We work with one coordinator, sometimes up to a year in advance of the event.
  • Please see the Party FAQ’s for more information.


  • A 48-hour notice is required to get credit back to account.
  • Registration is open to individuals or groups, registering individually.
  • See the individual workshop description to get the dress recommendations and needed supplies.

Inclement Weather

The safety of members and employees is our top priority when making decisions whether to cancel a class due to bad weather. If the National Weather Service have recommended staying off roads or sheltering indoors, we will cancel class.  If this were to happen,  all students who are registered for classes during that time will be notified directly via text.


  • Do NOT wear any lotion or oils on your body the day of your pole class.
  • Any student deemed under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that affects their safety and the safety of the other students will be asked to leave and not return to Zensual Dance Fitness.
  • Pay attention to the class instruction from the Instructor, not your fellow students. Talking in class, including teaching other students outside of the lesson-in-progress, is disrespectful to the instructor, other students, and a safety hazard.
  • If you must use the phone, leave the room or you will be asked to leave. This also includes texting.
  • Time is allotted to take video your progress. Be considerate of those around you who may be in your shot.



If you have any injuries that may limit your ability to fully participate, let the instructor know ASAP. We can build in modifications with advanced notice. Please adhere to your doctor’s recommendations and make sure you are cleared for exercise.


All students participating must be 18 yrs of age or older. Students younger than 18 years old must have parental permission, signed by parents or legal guardians. While we are a female-driven business, we welcome men and every wonderful person in between to all pole classes.



NO SPECTATORS. Everyone in class must be a participant.


How do I register for classes?

  1. Download the Zensual Dance Fitness Mobile App from your App store
  2. zensualdance.com
  3. During class operating hours, text us/call us

What do I need to know for my 1st class, including what to wear?

Check out the New Student Info, a descriptive e-booklet for the new Zensual student.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and cash.

Where do you hold classes?

Pole classes are held at MoveStudio, 17062 Preston Road, Suite 108 in Dallas, Texas 785248.

Dance classes are held at MoveStudio and Clique Studio,  2385 Midway Rd #100, Carrollton, TX 75006

Off-site Workshops are held at Larry North Fitness’s Dallas locations and other facilities.

Private Parties are held at homes, hotels and meeting rooms in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Galveston, Waco, San Antonio and towns in between.