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Pole Classes for Beginners: Because You’re Sexier than You Think

By April 21, 2017Articles
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Despite unsavory assumptions, pole dancing classes for beginners are heating up the fitness circuits – and we couldn’t be happier. Pole dance’s origins are sexy in nature, but sexiness isn’t the only thing appealing about it. They’re a sexy yet serious workout that can take you to new heights, even if you’ve never thought yourself as sexy a day in your life. Here’s why you should consider taking pole dance classes.

3 Sexy Little Secrets for Beginning Pole Dancers

Pole dance is a challenging full body workout

Pole dance is sexy, but don’t get it twisted: you will work your buns off. No matter how often you work out, or how many years of dance and fitness you have under your belt, there’s always a new move, spin or position to add to your arsenal. All the fun you’re having is great, but you’ll always be advised to have some epsom salts for a nice soak the next day, because you’ll wake up feeling muscles you never knew existed.

And guess what? It’s toooootally awesome once you experience it.

(More experienced gals: Of course, if you’ve cross-trained with Pilates, yoga or another form of bodyweight exercise, you’ll adapt a little quicker than others, but you’ll still find that one little move that will excite and motivate you to perfect your craft – and that’s where the fun begins.)

Pole dance enhances your mind-body connection

Dancing enhances your mind-body connection because mastering even the simplest of pole moves requires you to be present in the moment. Maintaining your presence as you dance allows you to sink into your movements, thus giving you the power to own them. Once you own your movement, you’re able to unleash your sensual energy and adjust the movements with your unique flair, adding the fluidity and sensuality that makes this form of dance look so easy and effortless.

Your strengthened mind-body connection is also important outside of the dance studio also. Your sharpened focus leads to increased awareness of yourself, your body, your thoughts and your surroundings. Our society has trained us to rush through everything; consequently, this fails us, because we fail to lean in and live in the moment. You can’t taste the robust flavors embedded in the experiences of your life’s pleasures unless you give yourself time to learn how to slow down and pay attention.

Pole dance is fun

“I absolutely love running aimlessly on the treadmill, and then lifting weights for 30 minutes!” said No One Ever.

Working out is part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but why endure a boring workout that feels static and routine when you can indulge in one that challenges, uplifts, and inspires you? Pole fitness provides an interactive and collaborative environment that’s completely open and uncompetitive. The only woman you show up competing against is yourself – and that’s only if you want to.

Pole unveils your sexiness

Notice we didn’t say it increases your sexiness. Nor did we say that it makes you sexy. Make no mistake, you are sexier than you think. You’re sexy before you come to your first pole class, even if you’ve never felt sexy a day in your life. Your sexiness is further unmasked through pleasurable arts, dancing being one of them. Getting in touch with your Divine Dancer opens you to the awareness needed to enter your Flow of Genius, awakening your natural femininity through movement.

In other words, we reconnect with our sensual side when we indulge ourselves in the sacred act of dance, and enjoy the pleasure of it for our own sake. If pole is for you, every class will reawaken the Sleeping Beauty inside of you, pulling her to the surface where she belongs, a naturally infused energy source in your daily being.

Ready for Your First Class, Goddess?

Pole dancing classes provide a full body workout designed to engage you from the inside out. Expect to show up prepared to be emotionally, mentally, and physically challenged in ways your regular workout fails to accomplish. Whether you jump into one of our pole dancing classes for beginners or try something a little more advanced, you’re guaranteed an experience like never before.

Don’t hold back anymore.

Sign up for your first class today

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