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Beginner Pole Dancing Classes

By July 15, 2018Getting Started
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If you’re new to the world of pole dance fitness, it’s easy to feel intimidated. You’re entering a new realm of movement that’s exciting and scary. What if you can’t dance? What if you can’t spin? What if you fall and bust your tush the first time you attempt to Fireman Spin? Relax, chica. Pole dance classes for beginners aren’t as scary as they seem.

Dance classes for beginners aren’t about instant prowess and acrobatics. They’re about cradling you in support as you enter your personal pole journey. And your personal journey is just that; personal. As your instructors, we’re simply here to show you how to pole in a fun, safe environment, co-creating a sacred space for personal transformation and interaction. We’ll tell you if you’re doing a move improperly to limit and prevent injury, but never because your style is not the same as ours.

If you’ve been researching different pole dance classes for beginners, yet aren’t sure of what to expect, here’s a brief rundown.

Every class starts with environment. Our instructors arrive early to set up the classroom and create an ambience of creative collaboration and playful sensuality. When you walk in, your stresses should melt away as curiosity takes over. Are these poles really going to hold my weight? Is the girl standing next to me going to be my pole partner? Will my instructor play that new song by Banks? I really like it…

After you’ve been greeted by your instructor, you and your dance-mates will engage in a warmup. Our warmups stretch your body, warm up your blood, and build energetic unity. The energy formed in the warmup is softly focused to propel the positive energy you’ll hold throughout class.

Your stretches will be intuitively selected by the instructor. She always has a great feel for the stretches and movements that will best suit movements you’ll learn in your class. Enjoy every aspect of your stretch and lean into the beautiful pain as you do – it’s going to help you as you progress into class. We’re talking hip circles, back arches, pole leans and more.

Our instructors have personally choreographed routines for class, however they can adapt their moves to adjust to your flow. Almost every beginner pole class starts with learning how to engage with the pole. You’ll learn how to grip the pole, then walk around the pole and do a basic spin. Moves will be added on as class progresses.

At this point, the energy in the class starts to really lighten up. You’ll look around and see that you’re not perfect, but you’re doing better than you think. Your pole experience will be enhanced by the joyful laughter and smiles shared between you and your class partners, because you’ll all have a collective realization of how fun pole is, even when you fumble and make quirky mistakes. You may even get the opportunity to see your instructor narrowly miss a move also. But again – it’s about the dynamics of collective feminine co-creation. There’s joy and playfulness twirling through the atmosphere, which leads us to our next point.

After choreography, pole tricks, spins and some practice, your instructor guides you into an energy of relaxation. You’ll cool down as a group, share any parting thoughts or ask questions, and depart back to your regularly scheduled program.

See? It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Letting go.

Anticipating the worst generally destroys the fun of trying anything new, including pole. You can’t enjoy yourself if you’re fixed on scaring yourself out of it. Yes, trying something new for the first time is always tricky, and things can go wrong, but you’ve got to trust yourself in the moment.

Once you’ve liberated yourself from anxious thoughts, you become free to immerse yourself in the experience. You enter a realm of personal feminine exploration. You’ll allow your body to express itself fearlessly and melt into your Flow of Genius, a blissful vibe where your mind and body seem so connected to the music and the pole, allowing you to become an acrobatic masterpiece and move in ways you’ve never thought possible.

It can take a minute to really own your energy as a dancer, but we promise, the minute you learn to enter class with confidence, anticipation becomes a delicious precursor to class. You’ll look forward to pole classes because they shift your spirit and leave you fully-activated, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world by storm.

Pole dancing classes for beginners include components to build your strength, coordination, and choreography. All of these aspects are vital parts of dance – but nothing’s more important than being able to let go and allow your feminine essence to take sensual ownership of your body so you can truly release your inhibitions every time you walk through the door.

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