Six Week Series: Power

Six Week Series: Power
Tuesdays, 8:30pm 9/19-10/24

Woman are strong, we are brave, we are powerful. We will focus in on that power, both inner and outer, and master those powerhouse moves. Confidence, excitement, and strength will be the focus for this series.

Explore different sides of ourselves through dance by accessing the many characteristics of being a woman. We all have commonalities as women, as humans. Archetypes are of value and importance in providing a template–a psychological tool–as powerful role models empowering modern women. Through the vehicle of dance- powered by the intention of each series provides the space to cultivate our character and performance. The movement style is raw, exotic powered by Yoga and Pilates moves, some floor acrobatics, flexibility focus and walking in heels.

Every week we’ll progress through designated Flows -series of movements strung together. This isn’t 5,6,7,8. This exotic dance is sourced from, “I feel”. Letting go and following a template of moves. During week 5 & 6, we’ll encourage you to wear an outfit or bring a prop. You have the option, to take your practice further and share your dance with your classmates.

Please bring a pair of high-heels for each class and wear leggings – Think sexy-comfortable. Join small groups of women discovering ourselves through exotic movement.

$150 at the door or $120 with early bird pricing if registered before 9/18/2017

2 thoughts on “Six Week Series: Power”

  1. I reached out a while back but wasn’t able to commit yet and now I am ready. Please can I visit to just see what the place looks like and my drive. I live in McKinney and also drive to UNT Denton m/w/f for school.
    So would like to do the 6 Tuesday night classes.

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