A Workshop is a concentrated way to learn something new.

Build a basic understanding, learn key concepts, and practice your new-found skills. We offer these how-to environments in two formats:  Single day workshop or in a series format, over six hours.

NO experience is necessary.
Each Workshop experience is structured so that you can shine no matter what your fitness or confidence level.  Come back a second or third time to hone your skill set. Explore the variety, learn choreography or develop your own unique dance style while learning from experienced and inspirational dance and fitness instructors.
Expect an environment that is safe, professional, tasteful while exploring our wild sides and dance without judgement. Dialogue, games and other fun activities compliment each workshop and each Instructor brings experience and training.  Join the growing community of women who are already dancing!
Workshops are held on the weekends and make a perfect girlfriend getaway or a solo out-of-your-comfort zone experience.   All Workshops are two, three or four hours in duration.

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Class Experience

2016 Workshops

★Art of Body Language
★Candle Light Stretch
★Dancer’s Zone
★Burlesque Boa
★Burlesque Chair Dancing
★Fantasy Floorwork
★Zensual Showgirls
★High Heels 101
★Lap Dance
★Pole Fitness 101
★Tie Me Up
★Zensual Dancing Basics 
★Zensual Dancing Advanced

2016 Workshop Schedule

To Schedule a private workshop with six or more women, please contact us.

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