Infuse Your Energy with Feminine Sex Appeal + Confidence through Sensual Movement

What is Zensual Dancing™?

Zensual Dancing™ is a powerful exotic dance fitness workout designed to tone, strengthen, build flexibility, increase confidence and improve posture. Each class is designed to build on core strength with Yoga & Pilates-like moves with the accent of sensual dance moves.

Weekend Workshops – OR – Weekly Workouts


When you attend class, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we stick to our philosophy: No two women move the same. Because of this, you’ll slip into a judgment-free zone that will progress at an easy pace. Dance moves are taught through repetition so you can fully integrate each move into an entire dance sequence. We enhance each class with lessons in grace and sensuality to spice up your learning experience.

Honoring the power of the feminine, balance, grace and sensuality are explored using our Sex Appeal in class.  Call it sex appeal, charisma, pure light or that je ne sais quoi that has you glowing from the inside out.  We access or harness our inherent flow of energy that is within us when we dance.  It is more than the way a person looks, it is the way a person is.  It is a quality that draws you to someone, powerfully and instantly.


We’ll teach you the Zensual pattern of creating a freestyle and original sensual movement allowing you to unlock your body (think body waves), move your hips, use your lines and killer curves.  The Zensual Dance Flows or mini-routines give you the pattern in which to use them.  Each Flow is easy-to-follow creating the space for you to develop a well-polished and engaging dance.

Creator Clarissa Pierro says, “The Zensual Dancing Program frame provides an opportunity to explore and relish your natural-born femininity and sex appeal in their rawest, most natural states. A vulnerable yet powerful moment expressed through dance.  We provide a safe and sensual environment that nourishes and honors you, allowing you to release your inhibitions and melt into your zone”.

 Class Experience

Each live class experience is made up of caring, supportive women of all ages and professions. Lawyers, Accountants, Nurses, Writers…name it and she is there. Soft lighting, soulful & sexy music in a sacred room.

Workshop/Series DescriptionS


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The Basics



The secret to a beautiful and graceful sensual dance is that magnetic energy called “sex appeal.” You may not feel that you were born with an alluring aura, but you do have it!  When we feel CONFIDENT and comfortable in our own skin, we naturally exudes magnetic, enticing energy. In this four hour workshop, you will learn how to conjure up this energy and experience yourself as the SENSUAL, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN THAT YOU ARE.

  • Overcome Shyness
  • Start a New Chapter in Life
  • Develop Your Natural Sensual Walk
  • Body Waves And Hip Play
  • Mesmerizing Floorwork
  • Fluid, Natural Sensual Movement “Flows”
  • You will learn classy and seductive dance combinations, mesmerizing hip play and a full routine.

The vibe of the workshop is FUN, SILLY AND PLAYFUL and we maintain a safe and supportive environment. This workshops is perfect for every beautiful body type.0


$100 online registration required OR call us at (203) ZEN – SUAL

Location: Dallas

Light refreshments will be provided.

Wear:  Leggings/Yoga pants, t-shirt that makes you feel good. Think tighter tank top and larger t-shirt to pull and play with.

Bring: A Pair of High-Heels, Water, leg warmers. Why not bring your highest heels?  Please note barefoot babes are just as sexy. Know: We will send you a reminder before the workshop.

The Advanced Flow Workshop



Set your foundation in Basics and gain your fluidity in Advanced. You’ll find the flexible, personal nature of each workshop will offer brand new opportunities to further develop your dance skills, add new sizzle to your routines and deepen your connection to your most beautiful self.

Through guided exercises and 80% floorwork, you’ll infuse your advanced exotic movement with peacefulness, your body powered by confidence. Create a graceful, luscious, passionate dance.

 $100 online registration required OR call us at (203) ZEN – SUAL

Location: Dallas

Light refreshments will be provided.

Six Week Series

six week series:: Zensual Flow


Start here or at The Basics Workshop. Weekly classes provide the space and guidance to hone your unique dance style. We progress at an easy pace, offering repetition of the dance moves so you can fully integrate each move into an entire dance sequence or “flow.” Posture, breathing and connection to our bodies ground us as we practice our new dance moves. Each class is complete with lessons in grace and sensuality that enhances your dance experience.

Zensual Dancing taken to the floor. Look out for Bellydance floorwork and gymnast-style moves with a little Magic Mike thrown in for good measure.  In each class, learn a separate floor dances that range from simple to intricate.
Work the floor like Beyonce with a series of Zensual Flows and exotic chair dance.  We learn more than the basics of walking, using the grace of a ballroom dancer and the moxie of a Burlesque performer.  Over six weeks, we’ll put together a polished chair dance in our last class. Look out for your private HD Video for practice beyond the classroom.
A wall is like any other prop, a tool used to support and enhance the dancers. In the June 16 series, participants learn a few simple dance combinations,  as well as, inversions like handstands and shoulder stands.
6 classes, 1 hour each $120 online registration required OR call us at (203) ZEN – SUAL Location: Dallas


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Please visit the general frequently asked questions. Would you like to speak with someone before registration.  Call a Workshop Coordinator at  (203) ZEN – SUAL

Do you have a group of six or more ladies? Request a private workshop at your location.


For all Zensual Dancing Experiences:  Bring High Heels and knee pads and or leg warmers. Wear leggings and layers.  – Sexy, Comfortable!

A Peek Inside the Classroom