Switch up your workout for better results.  

One hour dance and fitness classes to mix up your workout.  Specialty classes can be clinic centered, drill-focused, a blast of cardio or as a supplement to a well-rounded dance athlete.
All Speciality classes are $25 or free for Zensual Academy Elite Members Elite Membership.


Specialty Class Descriptions

ABSolutely Bootyful

Hip-Hop Lovers! Tone up your tush and give your mid-section a blast of gut-busting yet fun exercises. Classes follow a structure designed to provide a mix of cardiovascular training plus sculpting your sexy assets.

Cardio Blast

Infuse your workout with this high-energy cardio class using alternating group and partner exercises to keep you motivated.

Double Trouble

Bring your Bestie or meet a new one! Expect mixed-level moves and a lot of laughter. Working as a team, you and your partner’s communication skills get a workout!

Inversion Drills

An hour of aerial inversion conditioning. Inversions are power moves that demand core strength. ALL levels welcome.

Halftime Showgirls

Come learn the secrets of the pro-dance cheerleaders. Breaking down each movement into smaller parts, your Cheer Captain will show you proper technique including: conditioning and strengthening of muscles necessary to execute the movement; correct execution of movement; proper alignment and body weight transfer. You’ll walk out with a half-time routine worthy of a standing ovation. 5, 6, 7, 8…

Pole Ballet

Using classic ballet movement, you will tendu and plié your way to sleek, toned muscles. Your balance and poise will naturally evolve as we explore graceful walks and transitions. Your confidence and strength will grow as we practice holds and gentle spins on the pole.

Pole Hip-Hop Routine

Join us for an energetic hip-hop routine incorporating creative pole transitions. Bring your moxie and be prepared to rev up your workout! Leave with a routine to the latest beats!

Pop n' Drop

Get ready to work that booty! Dancing to the hottest beats in hip hop, we’ll take you to and from the floor using just the power of your lower body. You’ll have so much fun poppin’, shakin’ and rollin’ your backside that you won’t even notice the powerful workout your legs, glutes and abs are getting!

Pole Rock Choreo

Take a break from the norm and get ready to work the pole to the sounds of our hand-selected playlist of hardcore rock, industrial and heavy metal. We’ll show you how to tailor your moves to this specific genre with hypnotic hair flips, electric floorwork and pole combos that’ll knock your socks off. Spike heels, black eyeliner and a fierce attitude are highly recommended.

Restorative Pole Dancing

60 minutes of gently-guided pole flow sequences. Using our breath and a healing atmosphere, we’ll eradicate emotional blocks allowing the experience of mental ‘clearing’ while we dance in the soft light.

Scorpio Switch Drills

Calling all polers who are level 4 and up. The Scorpio move is powerful on it’s own yet you are ready to take it up a notch and tie in combos, finishing with a spinning Scorpio. Take this hour to have a concentrated practice.

Spinning Pole Clinic

Get a dedicated lesson on the physics of spinning poles. Work through centrifugal force, gravity and inertia relating to spinning on a rotating pole. This beginner level how-to class is limited to 8 ladies and 4 poles.

Spinning Pole Clinic:: Advanced

If you are inverting at a level 4, this class is for you! Bring the move you are working on and let’s translate to the spinning pole.


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