School is in session! Join at any time. You are welcomed with open arms. We come together to laugh, see old and new friends, dance and get the best workout ever. Zensual Dance Fitness is your place to work out in a fun and supportive environment.


About the Zensual Academy

Zensual Dance Fitness offers more than fitness classes.  It’s an environment where you transform your body and your mind. A place where you’ll push yourself, conquer your fears and discover there really is a strong, powerful woman inside you.

Pick a course of study and you are on your way! The Pole Program offers either a Fitness or Dance track, with Pole Levels 1-6.  Your Zensual Dancing Program offers Beginner through Advanced immersion sensual dance experiences.

As a member, your progress is tracked throughout the semester. You’ll have the opportunity to share your dance along side the women you’ve gotten to know.   Graduation Showcases are scheduled 4x year.

Join the Zensual Academy-Meet new friends, learn how to pole