Zensual Services

Our fitness and dance program is designed to STRENGTHEN, EMPOWER and find your PLAYFUL side.  You don’t need to be a professional dancer or own a can of body glitter to join.  All you need is a positive attitude, an open mind and the desire to be an even better you.



Reserve the Night of Your Life! Private Parties are our specialty, and personal referrals have us busy every weekend. Let us help create a memorable event for you and your girls.


School is in session! Join at any time and be welcomed with open arms. We come together to laugh, see old and new friends, dance, learn sweet pole moves-and, oh ya-work out. As part of the Zensual Academy, your progress is tracked throughout the 16 week “semester”. Test Outs and Graduation Showcases are scheduled 4x year.  All weekly classes fall under the Zensual Academy.


One hour classes.  Weekly Classes are open to all, and beginner classes are always happening.  Weekly Classes fall under either the Dance or Fitness Programs and are separated by levels.  Don’t know where you should start? Search the FAQ’s or ask your own!


One hour classes to mix up your workout. Elite Members may attend 1 per month as part of the membership.  Not a member? No worries! Specialty Classes are open to all.  Classes are scheduled a few times per month and range from ABSolutely Bootyful to Pole Hip Hop.


Learn the How-To’s through empowering workshops.  The ongoing workshop series, Zensual Dancing Six Week Series are held most Tuesday Nights. Weekend Workshop offer great opportunities to grab your girlfriends for a night out.

Do you want to challenge yourself?  Take any Zensual Dance Fitness Workshop to begin your journey of self-discovery through the Zensual Dancing Program.

What to Wear

 Each class on the schedule is a tad more specific. In general, keep the following in mind:

For Pole classes: shorts are best, and tank tops will keep you cool and confident.  Bring athletic shoes.

For Dance classes: pants or shorts and any top that allows you to stretch and move freely.  Bring your heels, ladies!

Most importantly, wear something you feel comfortable and beautiful in. We want you to feel as good as you’re going to look, and trust us, you’re going to be looking pretty good.

Frequently Asked Questions