Pole Vixen Workshop



pole dancing beginner

Friday, 7/14/2017

7:30pm – 9:30pm

Unleash your inner vixen and join us for a music video-inspired night. You will learn a sizzling Pole routine worthy of any audience! Perfect for your 1st pole experience!

Pole Vixen not only covers a routine, but also focuses on:

Beginner walking and transitions

Body waves and all the sensual movement that give the extra ooh la la.

2 hr Workshop

$50 online registration required OR call/text us at (469) 426-5090

Location: Dallas

What to Wear

Wear cropped at the knee leggings or shorts, a tank and layer with a throw, another shirt or anything that makes you feel sexy-comfortable. Don’t forget your high-heels.

2 Hours

$50, Advance Registration Required

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