A women's workout in Dallas like no other.Zensual Dance Fitness offers more than fitness classes.  It’s an environment where you transform your body and your mind. A place where you’ll push yourself, conquer your fears and discover there really is a strong, powerful woman inside you.

Pick a course of study and you are on your way! The Pole Program offers either a Fitness or Dance track, with Pole Levels 1-6.  Your Zensual Dancing Program offers Beginner through Advanced immersion sensual dance experiences.

As a member, your progress is tracked throughout the semester.   Two weeks prior to graduation, all members are offered the opportunity to test out of their current level. Graduation Showcases are scheduled 4x year. All members who choose to step out and participate in Graduation Recitals receive a full length video of their dance or fitness share and professionally touched up photos.

The Zensual  Academy is more than just fitness classes. It’s a place where you transform your body and your mind. A place where you’ll push yourself, conquer your fears and discover there really is a strong, powerful woman inside you.

Members, pick a course of study or “Major”-Fitness or Dance.  Come to weekly classes and monthly workshops. Your progress is tracked and certified instructors will push you to meet your goals.


Zensual Pole Program

Absolute beginners start here.

Take fitness or dance approach-your choice. We will be there to provide pole-specific conditioning exercises, giving you a solid foundation. The Beginning Pole Program focuses on posture, safety, technique, dance fundamentals and emphasizes the infusion of your own style and sensuality. You’ll be amazed at how much strength and skill you build each week as you move through challenging yet basic pole spins, climbs, holds and dance or fitness combinations.

Moves Learned: Fireman, Stag Spin, and Chair spin, Pirouette. Ballerina, Conditioning exercises like the Pole Up and 21 other beginner moves.



You’ve set your foundation and your body knows what to do.

It’s time for creative transitions and a lot of moxie. Core conditioning continues as your confidence gets a regular workout. This is the level to push past what you thought was possible!

Moves Learned: Side Climbs, Handstands, Double Spins, High Layout, Inversion Conditioning Combo: Spin Serenity



Your body is now thanking you for all the abdominal work!

In Level 3, fear is not an option. The most challenging level, you’ll feel your power as you put together strong and purposeful combos. You are now ready for inversions! Your entire body will be sore. In the mean time, Epsom salt baths, Zensual Stretch.

Moves Learned: Scorpio/Ankle Grab, Hello Boys, Side Climb. Combo: Jasmine Rocks


Pole tricks flow effortlessly as your pole practice shines with personal creativity.

You’ll be challenged as you focus on arieal pole combinations. Resilience is your new middle name.

Moves Learned: Allegra, Bird’s Nest, and Caterpillar Hold. Elbow Hang, and Extended Butterfly Combo: Inverted Angel

All Advanced Zensual Academy Members are invited to participate in the Advanced Pole Facebook group. Discuss moves and combos and share your videos of your pole journey.



Put together new moves and Level 4 moves in a cool routine with mid-pole aerial inverts. You’ll find yourself standing up straighter and amazing your friends and family with your strength.

Moves Learned: Ayesha, Shoulder Mount, Knee Hold, and Holly Drop Combo: Ayesha’s Ascensionlevel5


You’re a master of the pole!

Pole Masters may stay in this level as you freely put together combos that inspire you.

Moves Learned: Banana Splits, Dangerous Brian. Inverted V and Jade Splits Combo: Your choicelevel6

Zensual Dancing Program

She’s in there. That sensuous woman who’s alive with passion. In this level, you’ll have 12 weeks to immerse yourself in the Zensual movement. Slow and easy-to-follow dance flows are the vehicle and letting go is a process. Let’s have fun together and learn that you’ve always had IT.

Moves learned: Body roll, head toss, sexy crawl

Now that you’ve learned the basics of sensual dancing, we’ll start to challenge you with moves that require more strength and flexibility. We’ll target key muscle groups and guide you through proper body alignment so you get the most out of your dance.

Moves learned: Shoulderstand, helicopter

It’s time to dominate the floor! Now that you’ve built a strong foundation of movement, we’ll put that creativity into action while challenging you EVEN MORE with tricks to amaze and excite. This really kicks up your repertoire to the next level.

Moves learned:  Shoulder roll, splits, back bend

Greek goddesses energies as personification of archetypal feminine patterns have a powerful effect on shaping our personalities and patterns of behavior. Learn to access, conjure up and express these energies through powerful routines and performances. Once you are a goddess, you are free to take your dance wherever it leads you with plenty of time to indulge your creative side.

Chair Dance, Pole Fitness Graduation Pictures