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Zensual is not your run-of-the-mill dance fitness studio.  Our hardcore members see our studio as a Zensual incubator for personal transformation.  Every lesson is an empowering experience in feminine alchemy.

Come to class with the intention to push yourself, conquer your fears, make friends and, if you choose, hit the professional stage in competitions and performances, locally and nationally.

How The Zensual Academy Works

  • Pick a course of study or “Major” – Fitness or Dance
  • Attend weekly classes and monthly workshops
  • Your progress is tracked and our certified instructors will push and collaborate with you to meet your goals
  • Skill + Safety Tests are held two weeks prior to graduation


Note: If you choose to participate in our Graduation Showcase, you’ll receive a full-length video of your performance and professionally retouched photos.  Graduation Showcases are scheduled four (4) times per year and subject to change.


The Zensual Pole Program

Levels 1-6

The Zensual Dancing Program

Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced levels

Zensual Pole Program

Absolute beginners start here. level1You’ll enter pole using the fitness or dance approach – your choice. We’ll give you a solid foundation and provide pole-specific conditioning exercises. Our Beginning Pole Program focuses on posture, safety, technique and dance fundamentals. We strongly emphasize personal infusion of your own style and sensuality. You’ll be amazed at how much strength and skill you build each week as you move through challenging yet basic pole spins, climbs, holds and dance or fitness combinations. Moves You’ll Learn: Fireman, Stag Spin, and Chair spin, Pirouette. Ballerina, Conditioning exercises like the Pole Up and 21 other moves.
level2Welcome to Level 2. You’ve set your foundation and your body knows what to do. Now it’s time to inject creative transitions and a punch of moxie. Core conditioning continues as your confidence gets a regular workout. You’ll explore new realms of possibilities as you inject artistic flair and creativity into your core moves and see you’re capable of more than you initially felt was possible.

Moves You’ll Learn: Side Climbs, Handstands, Double Spins, High Layout, Inversion Conditioning Combo: Spin Serenity

Your body is now thanking you for all the abdominal work! Ilevel3n Level 3, fear is not an option. This is your most challenging level. You’ll feel your power as you put together strong and sensual combos. You’ll explore inversions! Warning: Your entire body will be sore! Epsom salt baths and stretching will be your best friends at this level.

Moves You’ll Learn: Scorpio/Ankle Grab, Hello Boys, Side Climb. Combo: Jasmine Rocks

Welcome to the land of Level 4. You’ve rocked Level 3! Hard work pays off, doesn’t it? Your pole practice sparkles with personal creativity. Resilience and focus sharpens with the development of aerial pole combinations. Advanced Zensual Academy Members are invited to participate upper-level only Guest Instructor workshops.

Moves You’ll Learn: Allegra, Bird’s Nest, and Caterpillar Hold. Elbow Hang, and Extended Butterfly Combo: Inverted Angel

Level 5. level4Pole tricks flow effortlessly. Your pole practice sparkles with personal creativity. Your resilience and focus sharpens with the development of aerial pole combinations. Best of all, you’re invited to our Advanced Pole Facebook group. Advanced Zensual Academy Members are invited to participate in the group to discuss moves and combos, and share your videos of your pole journey.

Moves You’ll Learn: Allegra, Bird’s Nest, and Caterpillar Hold. Elbow Hang, and Extended Butterfly Combo: Inverted Angel

Level 5 Angels create and combine new moves in a cool routine with mid-pole aerial inverts. You’ll find yourself standing up straighter and amazing your friends and family with your mind-blowing strength. Moves You’ll Learn: Ayesha, Shoulder Mount, Knee Hold, and Holly Drop Combo: Ayesha’s Ascension
Congratulations. You’re a Pole Master! Pole Masters may stay in this level as you freely put together combos that inspire you. Moves Learned: Banana Splits, Dangerous Brian. Inverted V and Jade Splits Combo: Your choice level6

Zensual Dancing Program

Are you searching for your inner Goddess? That sensuous woman who’s alive with passion? She’s in there. Letting go and immersing yourself in our slow and easy-to-follow dance flows over the next 12 weeks are your keys to finding – and freeing – her. Moves You’ll Learn: Body Roll, Head Toss, Sexy Crawl
Challenge your newly increased strength and flexibility. Your instructors will help you build upon your foundational moves using key muscle groups and proper body alignment. You’ll get the most out of your dance and amplify the awakening of your Goddess within. Moves You’ll Learn: Shoulderstand, Helicopter
Hit the floor, baby! Now that you’ve built a strong foundation of movement, it’s time to dominate the dance floor. We’ll challenge your strength and creativity even more with sexy techniques to amaze and excite. This upgrades your exclusive repertoire of moves to the next level. Moves learned: Shoulder Roll, Splits, Back Bend
Greek Goddesses are beautiful personifications of archetypal feminine patterns. As such, their ethereal energies are influential in shaping our personalities and behavior patterns. At Goddess Level, you’ll learn how to access, conjure and express these radiant energies through dazzling routines and performances. Once you embrace your abilities at Goddess level, you’re free to take your dance wherever it leads you, with plenty of time to indulge your creative and sensual flow of genius.


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