Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      How much are classes?

A:      We have several class types:

        • Weekly classes: $25
        • Specialty classes: $25
        • Intro to Pole and Zensual Dance: $15
        • Workshops: $40 to $150
        • Memberships and Class Packs are also available.


Q:      What is the difference between Weekly Classes, Specialty Classes and Workshops?

A:      We have 3 types of classes.

        • Weekly Classes are recurring classes scheduled every week that range from 45 to 90 minutes. Weekly Classes are free to all Zensual Academy Members.
        • Specialty Classes are seasonal classes and are a little funky, a little crazy, and a lot of fun. Specialty Classes are free to Elite Members.
        • Workshops are how-to lessons.  Workshops are slower-paced as learning is the primary focus.  The PERFECT place to start!


Q:      How many women are in each class?

A:      Each class is limited to a set number of participants to allow maximum potential while meeting the needs of our clients.  Most pole classes allow two per pole.

        • Pole Classes: 8-12
        • Dance Classes: 15-20
        • Workshops: 10-25

Private classes may be scheduled if you have more than 6 girlfriends who want to attend class together.


Q:      How do I register for classes?

A:      With ease, that’s how.


Q:      What should I bring to class?

A:      While it depends on the class, this list is a good start. Check individual class descriptions for more details.

        • Towel
        • Water bottle
        • High heels (Heels are never required, but you are always welcome to bring them to any class!)
        • Knee pads (Used mostly in non-pole classes)
        • Leg warmers (It’s always fun to “80s” out)


Q:      What do I wear to class?

A:      Pole classes and Dance classes require slightly different attire. Either way, BE COMFORTABLE!

Anytime you’re working the pole (oh, come on we had to say that at least  once), you’re going to need…

        • Shorts – The shorter the better. Bare legs help you grip the pole.
        • A t-shirt or tank top.
        • NO lotion or body oils – You’ll slip off the pole.
        • NO rings, bracelets or watches – The metal on metal WILL damage your jewelry.
        • High Heels are optional, but beginner’s tend to start with bare feet.

Anytime you’re just working it in a general dance class, you’ll need…

        • Workout pants that cover your knees.
        • A t-shirt or tank top.
        • High heels are optional.
        • Knee pads – You can find these at Wal-Mart, Target or any sporting goods store.


Q:      Do you have memberships?

A:      YES! Join the Zensual Academy today!

Members are automatically enrolled in the Zensual Academy.  You not only will be really cool, you also will be able to attend Weekly Class as often as you like.  Bonus, you’ll receive discounts on other services offered by Zensual!  Learn More



Q:      I’ve never done this before, what class should I take?

A:      We have a lot of great options to fit your schedule and your goals! Here are a few ideas:

        • Intro to Pole and Zensual Dance.  Generally held on the First Sunday of each month.  Only $15.
        • Pole Fitness 101 and Zensual Dancing Basics.  Both of these workshops are great starting points.
        • Curve Appeal or any Pole class with “Beginner” in the class name.
        • Zensual Stretch, Zensual Flow and Heels, and Chair Dance Fitness are great non-pole classes perfect for all levels.


Q:      What can I expect on my first visit?

A:      You’ll feel welcomed!  

        • MoveStudio, our beautiful partner studio, is a serene environment. Look for the backlit MoveStudio sign on the building and Zensual’s sign on the door.
        • Come early and receive a tour of the entire studio. We suggest you allow 10-15 minutes for the tour and to fill out mandatory release forms.
        • On every visit, you’ll need to sign in at the front desk and again in the classroom.  This allows us to keep our attendance records accurate!
        • Changing rooms and lockers are available.
        • Water is available, but you’ll need to bring your own water bottle.

Your instructor will be notified when you register for your first class. Please talk to your Instructor after class while everything’s fresh in your head, and we’ll answer any questions you have.



Q:      Where are you located?

A:      Zensual is located inside MoveStudio at the Southeast corner of Campbell and Preston Road in North Dallas.  17062 Preston Road, Suite 108.

        • The studio faces Preston Road behind the Wells Fargo bank.
        • South side of Campbell across from Kroger.
        • Approximately 5 miles North of 635 and 3 miles South of George Bush Turnpike.
        • We are a short drive from Addison, Frisco, Plano, Uptown, North Irving and easily accessible from most areas of the Metroplex.


Q:      I’m worried I am too old, too out of shape or too big for classes.  Can I still attend?

A:      Yes! Our mission is to provide classes for EVERY BODY regardless of age, size or experience.

        • We offer classes specifically designed for beginners with no prior experience.
        • Our member ages range between 18-50+.
        • Specific classes are designed with the sexy, curvy ladies in mind…Curve Appeal is your class!
        • EVERYONE, including most of our instructors, started out exactly where you are…no prior experience!  You will get out of class, what you put in!  Just like anything else, practice and patience is key!


Q:      Will I be sore or bruised after class?

A:      Yes! But it’s normal!  Here are a few helpful tips:

        • Don’t over do it in class….listen to your body!  Push yourself past your comfort zone but don’t fall off the cliff!
        • Warm up before class.  We always go through a warm up in class, but if you still feel tight, take a moment to stretch on your own.
        • Cool-down and stretch after class.  Even stretching the next day will help soothe sore muscles.
        • Warm baths are great for relieving muscles fatigue (Epsom salt in your bath is awesome after a particularly hard workout).
        • Light massage can help relax tight muscles and relieve pain.
        • If you experience sharp or recurring pain, check it out with your doctor to be sure there isn’t something else going on.


Q:      Can I bring a friend/co-worker/family member to attend a class?

A:      Absolutely!!  We LOVE to share the Zensual experience with all women in our community! 

We offer a 50/50 referral program for members!  If you are a member of the Zensual Academy and you bring in someone who signs up for a membership, you BOTH get 50% off one month of your membership!  That’s 50% off for EACH new member you bring in!



Q:      Do you offer a free class so I can try it out?

A:      Contact 203-ZENSUAL (203-936-7825) to find out about our current promos.

        • If you take a class and decide you want to sign up for a membership, we will credit the amount you paid for your first class and apply it to your first monthly payment.
        • Want to purchase a class pack instead?  We will also credit the amount you paid for your first class and apply it to the purchase of a class pack.


Q:      Are men allowed in classes?

A:      At this time, the Dallas location classes are Women only.  Galveston location classes are Co-ed.

We do allow our men to be invited to special events throughout the year.  Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to show off your moves! 🙂



Q:      Can I bring a friend to just watch a class?

A:      Unfortunately, no.

For the comfort and privacy of our clients we do not allow spectators.  All guests in classes must be participants.



Q:      Can I film or take pictures while in class?

A:      Yes, please do!  We have just a few simple rules:

        • Please DO NOT film anyone else without their permission.  Some of our clients do not feel comfortable being filmed at any time.  Please respect that!
        • We do not allow filming of an entire class.  We will happily assist you in filming a move or sequence you want captured!
        • If you post to Facebook or Twitter, we would love for you to tag Zensual Dance Fitness, but please do not tag anyone else without their permission.


Q:      What forms of payment do you accept?

A:      We accept Cash or Credit Card

        • We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
        • Credit Card purchases can be made online, over the phone or we can take your card information in class to be processed later.
        • If you are paying by cash, please have the exact amount due.  We are not able to make change.
        • We do NOT accept checks.