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Yoga for Dancers September 2016

SUNDAY, september 18, 2016

3:45 PM – 4:45 PM


Strong. Sexy. Sleek. Yoga for Pole is an excellent cross-training opportunity to your pole or dance fitness. This 60 minute class will help stabilize and strengthen your core while increasing flexibility and balance. Through the use of yoga props such as blankets, straps, and blocks, you will learn proper body alignment that will keep you strong, poised and injury-free both off and on the pole. No experience necessary. All levels welcome!

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Chair Choreography September 2016

Master the Sensuality of Chair Choreography

Chair choreography class dallas

Master the sultry elements of seductive rhythm and fluid dance movement while learning to use your chair as a multifaceted performance prop. Chair choreography gives you a sexy, sensual opportunity to fuse femininity and fitness in one magnetizing workout.

Class launches with an enticing choreographed performance from your instructor, followed by a walkthrough of the basics. Gyrate, jiggle, and elevate your sensual energy as you seamlessly build up to the full routine sequence by sequence. Leave class with a riveting performance of your very own.

Sunday, september 4, 2016

3:45 PM – 4:45 PM


Location: North Dallas

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