Burlesque Chair Dancing, “Dance for You”

A touch of Burlesque, your sass, and girl power confidence is all you need to put together this HOT Chair Dance Routine.

Burlesque Chair Dancing, “Dance for You”

Friday 10/13/2017 7:30-9:30pm

Whether you take the class for yourself or to share with someone, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make the practical sexy and the sexy practical so you’ll feel completely comfortable using the routine you learned or one you create. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Bring: Leg warmers (optional), high heels and water.
Wear: Leggings and a any type of T-shirt or get creative! Sexy Comfortable.

2 hr Workshops
$50 online registration required
Location: Dallas


Led by Burlesque Performer and Zensual Instructor, Rachel Stone

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