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Let me just tell you that my family had a MARVELOUS time on Saturday during our class and they are eagerly waiting to do it again!! Although I live in Houston now, I will definitely be back for a class instructed by my favorite instructor, YOU…. We talked about this class the entire weekend and told everyone about it and how much fun we had and the new things we learned. I have said this before, but this class is so much more than what people think it is. I look at this class as a confidence builder and self-esteem booster, the fitness and sexy moves we learn become simply icing on the cake and I would suggest this class to any woman at any stage in her life. What you teach in class and provide to your students is something that will stay with them and build them for a lifetime and I truly appreciate the time you took to spearhead our class. I wish you all of the best and look forward to your class again, thank you again for creating a wonderful start to our day on Saturday. -Jai

Thank you so much for all you did!! My sister loved it and we are all still talking about that night and laughing!!!! You were a huge part of that…thank you for putting up with our wild crazy group!!! Also, thank you for waiting on us to start i know we ran a little behind. If i have to plan another party in that area I will defiantly use y’all. -Katie

My sister & I were floored. My lip was to the floor the entire graduation. She had just got in from Houston & I dragged her to Dallas with me. She was amazed to see pole be so physical. Everyone was an inspiration to me. You do such a wonderful job. I want to be like you when I grow up:-) Love, Nikeya

I actually had a great time. I was totally intimidated, but I left there wanting more. I was very sore in the glutes on Sunday, but my workout this morning really helped. Your concept is really great and it gave me a nice “pick me up” after such a “blah” week . I was totally inspired. -Michelle

Thank you so much for all your help. LaFaye was awesome!! Thank you again for being so accommodating and adjusting so seamlessly to all the changes at the end. We had a great time! -Lynn

Everyone said they loved the class, felt more confident, and empowered! They said the class was done so well and classy! You are terrific! -Kristie



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