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Zensual Dance Fitness provides supportive, empowering atmosphere for everyBODY!  We are a fitness community of women and a few good men in Dallas, Texas.

Zensual’s unique style of empowering services include all facets of aerial and sensual dance.

Want to begin your pole dance or fitness journey?

The Pole Fitness 101 Workshop is three hours of personalized coaching on the basics of pole, including safety, home care, study guide sources as well as exhilarating pole spins, climbs and holds that are all included in Level 1 of the Zensual Academy, our 16 week pole fitness school.



do you yearn to bring out your most sexy and confident self?

Take the Zensual Dancing Basics or the six-week Zensual Flow all part of the Zensual Dancing Program. You will learn what to do with your hands and how to walk with a sexy swagger. Yes, you’ll learn a dance combination that oozes sensuality. More importantly you’ll get a boost of confidence, and get in touch with your most intimate self.

Which Pole Goddess Are You

Carl Jung taught us about character archetypes. Read about a few Zensual goddess and what makes each tick. Pick a Goddess, find a class and begin your journey of discovery.

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What class should I take first?

Any class with “Beginner” in the name or sign up for either Pole Fitness 101 or Intro to Pole.

how do i register?

Register for your 1st class via the Zensual Dance Fitness Mobile App or via your web browser at  Do you need assistance? View the video tutorial.

What if I have 6 or more friends?

Host a private party, class or team building.

Want a taste without the commitment?

Start with the $15  1st Sundays’ Intro to Pole.

What do I wear?

Girl, that’s easy! here’s a complete list of what to wear.

1st Time clients

  1. Everyone must pre-register for all classes, workshop, parties, and private lessons.
  2. We are located at the corner of Preston at Campbell, the same parking lot as the WellsFargo bank.
  3. Enter thru our studio partner, MoveStudio doors.
  4. Tell the front desk you staff you are taking a Zensual Class.
  5. Your first visit-you’ll sign in 3 times-1st time waiver, front desk silver table, in classroom.
  6. Filtered water is available, bring your water bottle.
  7. Changing Room with lockers. Keep the key with you.
  8. Enter Classroom with a positive mindset.
  9. Begin stretching in warm clothes.
  10. A Zensual Instructor will greet you.
  11. Turn off your phone’s ringer.
  12. Have a great class!