dallas pole dance classes at ZensualEvery woman brings her own flavor to the studio. If you’re not sure what kind of class is right for you, why not focus instead on what personality best fits you and see which experiences might be in alignment with that?

At Zensual, we recognize three general goddess archetypes in our classroom. These goddesses represent the holistic energy witnessed in the classroom, not necessarily how every woman behaves on a specific basis.

Click the archetype that resonates with you. She may reveal clues regarding your pole dance personality.


Sexy and passionate, Aphrodite’s hedonism is fluidity in motion.


Fit and fierce Artemis demonstrates feminine strength and playfulness.


Gentle yet fiery Hestia experiences dance as a means of self-discovery and personal transformation.

I Think I’m More than One Type…?

If you feel a little overwhelmed because it seems like every description sort of matches you in some way, that’s okay! There’s a little of each goddess in every of us – and sometimes you’ll see more of one than the other. What’s more important than anything is that you experience your natural evolution as a goddess come through when you come to class.