There is something for everybody in the Pole World.

Yes, the classes can be intimidating, at first. When you walk into any Zensual class, you’ll find a warm and welcoming environment. Prior to your first class, we walk you through what to expect during your pole fitness classes.

There is no doubt that pole dance fitness workouts are challenging. The biggest mental road block I hear is, “I have no upper body strength” or simply, “I can’t”.  With any new activity you will have a first day, a first week, a first month. You build strength, confidence and skill as you move through your practice.  This is true whether you practice Karate, Pilates or Yoga. Even basket weaving has a learning curve! Pole Fitness is no different.

What’s so cool is that all Zensual classes are guided by passionate, certified pole instructors who provide an effective warm up, muscle activation and cool down, while allowing time for practice and play using the moves you learned in class.  You will immediately build your strength and knowledge allowing you to progress at your own pace.

During your pole workout, you’ll get a kick of endorphins that leaves you feeling energetic and rejuvenated. You literally walk out of class feeling lighter!

Top Reasons to Take a Pole Dancing Class

  1. Classes are exciting -no boring workouts!
  2. It helps you burn more calories than running.
  3. Your confidence will soar.
  4. Expect to develop lasting friendships.
  5. You’ll be less stressed.
  6. Your entire body will tone up.
  7. Strong pelvic muscles minimizes back pain.
  8. It’s good for your bones-building muscle.
  9. You’ll have the arms of a fitness model.
  10. You’ll learn how to dance.
  11. You become more flexible.
  12. You’ll learn how to push through obstacles.
  13. You’ll learn amazing tricks.
  14. Your body awareness and balance becomes on point.
  15. You will get in touch with your unique sensual self.


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