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Weekly Workouts

Get your Workout On! Pole, dance, fitness, and flexibility classes for beginner-advanced students.

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Private Parties

Celebrate your Birthday or Bachelorette Party at the studio or your place. Find out if your date is available.

Pole Fitness School

A membership at Zensual Dance Fitness is more than just attending a classes. As a Zensual Member, students are enrollment into the 16 Week Pole Fitness School.

Weekend Workshops

We offer these how-to environments in two formats: Single day workshop or in a series format, over six hours.

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Six Week Courses

Coming Back! Progressive dance lessons happen every Wednesday night at 8:30pm in Dallas, Texas.

2017 Zensual Dancing Six Week Series begins in January.  

Instructor Development

New Opportunities are available with Zensual Dance Fitness.

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“in each of Zensual’s classes, the message of Girl Power is conveyed based on individuality, without judgment.”

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Upcoming Events

The Passion Series | Jan 17th -Learn exotic movement

The Passion Series

Unlocking your creativity to reveal untapped sensuality through the Passion Series. Practice getting Zen by jumping into your creative flow using the vehicle of exotic, raw dance. Throughout the series, we’ll develop a character with costuming and personality to fuel your newly-created dance.

Vibe: graceful, Beautiful, creative, sexual, lover, passionate

Flows Learned

Goddess Flashdance (floor)
Needle Dive (transitions)
Beyonce Swag & turn (walking)

Moves Conditioned
Pike (floor)
Grounded Rainbow Marcheko (floor)
Splits (floor)
Forward Shoulder Roll Part I (floor)
Wall Splits (wall and floor)

6 week Series
$150, advanced registration is required.
FREE, Zensual Elite Member (One Workshop Credit)
$120, early bird registration until 1/16/17


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